A tiny and awesome bittorrent application for terminal

For some reason I just can’t seem to get enough of cool little programs that I can run in terminal. Maybe it’s because of how cheap virtual servers are or how nice it is to have Crosh running connected to Crouton on my Chromebook but I use these little command line applications all the time.

I only found out about this application a few days ago and it’s already made its way into my must have list of applications such as curl, wget, axel, youtube-dl, vim, and lynx. It’s really good as a multiplex downloader like axel but the fact that it handles bittorrent so smoothly is why it has become my go-to torrent tool.

This application does a lot more than bittorrent. In fact it has an entire command prompt for running and moving files around but torrenting is one of those protocols I use all the time.

Going from zero to download is as easy as:

Much like curl or wget it’ll start downloading to the working directory. When the download is complete it pushing seeding to the background. This is great for grabbing a quick linux distro or seeding a file quickly in combination with mktorrent.

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what this application can do. It’s very exciting and fun tool to learn.

And now I present a large Bag O Brags!

There has been a lot going on and though it’s a touch overwhelming it’s all awesome. There’s so much.

  • I’ve reached one of my weight goals on my long journey to not-dying-at-40-athon. I started at 285lbs and as of yesterday I am down to 196lbs.
  • I’ve been tapped to film my friends wedding in Pismo Beach, CA in June. I’m flattered that I was who she wanted to film and I can’t wait!
  • After putting it off for like a year, I’ve started to finally learn PHP. I’m not as good at it as I am with CSS but I’m no longer confused by it either.
  • I’m moving again and I’m on the active lookout for an awesome apartment in the Long Beach area.
  • I’m helping my buddies at ConsBEERacy get their website off the ground and it’s going to be the best podcast ever.
  • Got myself an Acer Chromebook 13. It’s the Nvidia Tegra model and it’s really slick. Want to write or film a review of it after I get Linux dual booting. RIght now I’m running it with Crouton and it’s a slick hybrid Ubuntu-Chrome system.

So life is dizzy and amazing and I’m very lucky to be where I am right now. Alright, back to work!

Hard Livin’ in the Country


Yeah, I know about hard county livin’.


In fact, I just spend damn near 24 hours in the meanest most manly parts of Centeral California… Visiting my girlfriends mom.


Tellyouwhat! That’s hard county livin’. How hard?

Electric Stove. Now that's hard livin'

Electric stove hard.

You city slickers don’t know how good you have it. Have you ever tried to make an omelet on an electric stove? I haven’t but I hear it’s hard.

*Spits* *Tips hat* *Mosey*

It was even too cold to hop in the hot tub cause of the low 60° temperature in the morning. Getting online? Forget it, all they have out there is AT&T. I could hardly update my Twitter. Now that’s hard livin’!

Cold Hot Tub

Well there you have it.

*Spits* *Tips hat* *Mosey* *Hard liquor for lunch*

I know know what hardcore cowboys have to go through every day.

*Rides off into the sunset*

The View Hard Livin'

Amaze File Manager

There are quite a lot of file managers for android to choose from. Most of them pack a lot of features. Features that sometimes feel a lot like bloat. I don’t need my file manager to connect to Microsoft’s cloud storage. I want something free, simple, and efficient.

I’ve fallen in love with Amaze File Manager. It’s probably the best file manager I’ve used for Android. Amaze is an open source project and like a lot of programs I like it does one thing and does it well.

There is no networking tools or media sharing but a full arsenal of “Copy”, “Paste”, “Cut”, and my favorite “New Folder”. This is what I’m going to need 99% of the time.

Amaze follows the design guide lines of the Material Design specification that Google laid out last year. You can change the color of the theme in the settings if you’d like but the default blue looks good. The application has proven to be stable and very light weight. Not to forget fast.

You can get Amaze from F-Droid or from Google Play.

Moving Day

It’s moving day and it’s the first rainy day of 2015. Only got two boxes moved with help from my friend Johnstar.

Moving is not stressful for me. I actually like the fact that I’ve condensed my belongings to such a minimal set. Removing the clutter and making room and time for things that matter.

I’ll be here for the next four months. Just a sublease to save some cash and get my bills paid off and squared away.

Happy January and enjoy the rain!

How the Pirate Bay seizure hurt other services

On December 9th the Pirate Bay and related sites went dark. This is not the first time the site has been taken offline but usually it’s caused by scheduled maintenance or the occasional domain seizure.

This time things are a little different. Sites like EZTV, Torrage, Zoink.it, and Open Bittorrent tracker became collateral damage.

I use services Torrage to hold torrent files of my artistic projects like the Pulp Fiction Chronological Cut. This is not just piracy were talking about. It’s used for independent music, videos, and software distribution. Not everyone has the infrastructure to host and share large files with a lot of people and services like Torrage really help.

Torrage and Zoink.it are simple torrent storage lockers. They don’t index the content of the torrent files or even know the names of each torrent. The file name is stripped out and replaced with the torrent’s hash. My Pulp Fiction Remix has a hash of


therefore the link would be:

Most of these services are coming back online but it’s kind of scary how quickly it disappeared. Even the Pirate Bay itself is starting to show up on certain mirrors already and it’ll probably be business as usual by this time next week.